Eighth Era

Collect Relics of the Past to Save the Future.

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A quest for lost relics through unimagined worlds

10,000 years into the future, humans have handed the keys over to the machines after 7 near-extinction events. Now, all history has been lost and it’s up to an elite team of treasure hunters to bring history back to the future. The team will explore forgotten worlds, combat mythical monsters and collect historical coins of incalculable value. Build a strong enough collection and make the virtual a reality with physical collectibles. 

Welcome to the Eighth Era.

Discover the World

Eighth Era ushers in a new age of mobile gaming

With transformative worlds, physical rewards, and unmatched storytelling, the possibilities are endless.

Physical Rewards

Eighth Era is the first game to combine epic gaming with real-world swag! Get special edition art delivered to your door, featuring your favorite characters from the game.

Trading for Stakes

Strategy goes beyond the battle as you wheel and deal with other players in the Museum lobby to build the best collection in the bunch.

Eighth Era ushers in a new age of mobile gaming

Special Events

Unleash your mastery in exhilarating PvP battles against players from around the globe.

Mythical Monsters Meet Hidden History

As you fight your way through epic battles and otherworldly foes, characters and players will learn more about our world together.

The World of Eighth Era

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Meet the Characters


Don’t let her size fool you. With Maxine’s telekinesis and deadly precision, enemies can run but they can’t hide. Literally. Using her stun ability, she incapacitates her foes before delivering deadly critical hits. She can also kick your butt in a hot-dog eating contest.


Felix is the epitome of a teamplayer. His greatest strength is his unwavering loyalty to his friends, using his skills to bolster his crew’s attacks. If you’re looking for extra support in a fight, Felix is your guy. If you're looking for an amateur magician who can make a rabbit disappear and then forget where he put it, he's also your guy.

Mark IV

As the curator of the museum, MARK IV is the team’s guide and protector, providing invaluable knowledge, healing, and essential stats about coins collected throughout their perilous journey. After museum hours, you can find this guy bustin’ a move to heavy metal.


Tabs's agility and innate leadership allow her to survey the battlefield with ease, keeping her teammates out of harm’s way and ensuring that no enemy gets away. In her free time, you can find her housing a plate of jalapeño poppers.


Clonk uses his incredible force and size to mitigate damage dealt to his crew, growing in strength the weaker his allies become. Enemies be warned - you mess with Clonk’s friends, you’re gettin’ bonked. Off the battlefield, you can find Clonk tending to his butterfly garden.


Happy players

This game has everything I could have ever asked for. Oh wait, it does.

Vincent Nguyen

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

The gameplay is great, the rewards are amazing, and the community is awesome. And I'm not even biased. Okay, I might be a little biased.

Jason Wasserman

Founder & CEO

This game is so fun, I can only imagine how awesome the people who made it are.

Abby Salzberg

Creative Executive

Whether you're a casual or hardcore gamer, Eighth Era is the game for you. Take it from me, the most casual player you've ever met.

Mark Salzberg

Chairman & Founder

The collectibles could not be cooler. Whoever helped develop them must be a freakin' genius...

Andrew Salzberg

Chief Product Officer

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What is Eighth Era?

Developed with Perfect Day Games, Nice Gang's first mobile game, Eighth Era, is a turn-based RPG that rewards players with physical rewards.

Set 10,000 years in the future, players must journey through perilous past worlds to collect lost history and take down the evil Supercomputer, Harmony AI, that reigns supreme over the world.

When will Eighth Era be released?

Eighth Era will be released in Summer of 2024! Nice Gang's first mobile RPG game is sure to be one of the best mobile games of 2024. Prepare to have your freakin' socks knocked off.

How do I win Nice Gang and Eighth Era collectibles?

Nice Gang offers players tons of opportunities to win Eighth Era physical collectibles throughout the year, including special events and seasonal leaderboards.