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Welcome to the Eighth era

Play for keeps.

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Eighth Era is in the soft launch stage, which means we’re just about ready to welcome you to the global hunt for Earth’s lost relics. Soon enough, you’ll be hacking into the sim with your elite squad to battle it out with the bots and players around the world. Follow the journey on social media and be the first to join the fight!

Equip Legendary Gear to Win Epic Battles

Upgrade your squad’s equipment with loot from battle. The harder the fight, the bigger the reward. Replay challenging stages to collect Hero Coins to level up your team and win enemies to your side!

Rise Through the Ranks

Strategize your squad builds to reach the top of the leaderboard. With over 35 heroes and more joining the fight every day, the combinations are virtually limitless.


Don’t let her size fool you. Maxine’s deadly precision causes massive damage and leaves enemies stunned on the battlefield.


Felix’s analytical mind makes him nervous at parties and popular on the battlefield. His tactical blasts make the bad guys weaker and his allies stronger.

Dr. Yune

A potent mix of vampirism and science, Dr. Yune harnesses the power of blood to heal patients. Then, she harnesses the power of her knives to protect them.

Mark IV

A sentient Swiss army knife, Mark IV keeps everyone in the fight with healing and speed boosts. Just don’t challenge him in trivia, you’ll lose every time.


Keedo’s not just da bomb - he’s packin’ a few too. His explosive abilities are the perfect AoE for clearing a path through pesky minions.


Not even the strongest shields can withstand Viga’s power. She’s a glass cannon that smashes enemy defenses with cosmic grace.


Tabs dominates the battlefield with damage and agility. Her feline reflexes make her counterattacks deadly to any who come for her or her squad.


Enemies be warned - you mess with Clonk’s friends, you get bonked. His shield buffs keep the team fighting through the ages.

Unleash your potential to become a true collector!

Compete in live events for the chance to earn exclusive Eighth Era collectible coins. Minted in limited issuances, Eighth Era coins are worth battling for. We even partnered with NGC, the largest and most trusted third-party coin grading service in the world, to make it official. Nothing like having bragging rights you can hold in your hand.

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