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How can I stay in the loop on all things game development, Nice Gang, and Eighth Era?

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What is Eighth Era?

Developed with Perfect Day Games, Nice Gang's first mobile game, Eighth Era, is a turn-based RPG that rewards players with physical rewards.

Set 10,000 years in the future, players must journey through perilous past worlds to collect lost history and take down the evil Supercomputer, Harmony AI, that reigns supreme over the world.

When will Eighth Era be released?

Eighth Era will be released in Summer of 2024! Nice Gang's first mobile RPG game is sure to be one of the best mobile games of 2024. Prepare to have your freakin' socks knocked off.

How do I win Nice Gang and Eighth Era collectibles?

Nice Gang offers players tons of opportunities to win Eighth Era physical collectibles throughout the year, including special events and seasonal leaderboards.